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Do you ever feel unsettled in your life, like major changes are around the corner but you can’t pinpoint what they are? Do you live in fear that you will not find the right career, right love, or be solidly on your path? Like you’re all alone?

It’s easy to clunk into a feeling that things will never get better. I’ve been there, and I understand.

I’m Michelle Patterson, an angelic medium and spiritual intuitive who was once known as a “spooky” child. I knew and saw things the big adults couldn’t. I saw orbs, heard angels, and observed things in humanity I hoped would fade by the time I grew up.

I stepped forward over five years ago to open this angelic connection and messaging to anyone who wanted to hear. I offer services that provide understanding, angelic guidance from your angels and the archangels, and reflection of your personal energy. Are you ready to receive your messages? Then let’s get started!