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I just want to say WOW! This is my second time that I'm in contact with Michelle, and  I felt that I just needed to tell everyone about her amazing gift and her amazing love for all life on this earth. My first reading was about 1 year ago and the things Michelle told me then were quite amazing because I didn't even know myself like she and the angel's knew me. There were sides to me that I would never have believed existed but today I know.  I just want to recommend Michelle to all of you beautiful souls out there who need guidance, or just someone who sincerely cares about your happiness. If you are already on this page reading this review than you have been guided here, so if I were you I would reach out right now. Sending you all much love and much gratitude <3 Thank you Michelle for all your love and kindness. You really are an angel walking this earth <3

-Michelle Nilsson, Sweden

Inspirational. Meaningful. Relevant. These three words sum up my experience with an Angel Souls reading. My cynical nature was blown away by the accuracy and warmth of the angelic messages. I entered the reading in a professional haze and left with a clear sense of purpose and direction. The MP3 format - with photo - of the reading allowed me to pour over the messages from the angels, ensuring I fully understood each and every step of heavenly assistance. If you are looking for sincere spiritual guidance, then I highly recommend a 15 minute reading to start with, you won’t regret it.

- Leon, Writer, Scotland

I have had two readings so far with Michelle and I came away feeling that I was on a much better path each time. I really appreciate that she doesn't tell you necessarily what you want to hear, she tells you what you *need* to hear. I had work I needed to do on myself before I could achieve my goals and she gave me lots of great insight on what areas I needed to work on. She answered all of my questions very directly and gave me tons of additional info beyond that in order for me to make the best choices in my life. She has a very warm personality and throws in some humor as well which I really appreciate. I would definitely have more readings done by her.

-Scott Evans

For my first reading with Michelle I got her 30 minute format. Her depth and insight were incredible and she really got to the heart of the matter. She gave me very uplifting, clear and do-able spiritual guidance and saw into my soul for what I was truly searching for. I’ve listened to the mp3 she has given me several times, even just on the bus and it lifts my spirit. Michelle at Angel Souls is a talented and honest angel medium and I can’t wait to have more readings done by her in the future. I highly recommend Angel Souls!

-Kelsey, Student, Canada

I have been a follower of Michelle's for a really long time on her YouTube channel, and I was like you know what-- it's time to get a reading from her.  So I waited patiently for the reading, and when I received it, I was blown away by it.  She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear.  She gave me details that I had been thinking about over the past couple of months prior to the reading.  I will definitely be back to get another reading from Michelle. She is amazing and a lovely, kind-hearted individual.   You will not be disappointed in getting a reading from her. 

-Alex Artman

Recently a friend of mine gave me a reading from Michelle as a gift. I can't even put into words how much this reading meant to me and how healing it was. Michelle is extraordinarily gifted and attuned. It was uncanny how much she confirmed about who I am and what is occurring in my life. Her reading provided clarity, encouragement, inspiration, and tremendous love and support. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, DO IT! Michelle, not only are you gifted beyond belief, you have a great heart, you're funny, relatable, down-to-earth, and you stand in your truth. You are an amazing soul.

-Bruce Barton, Screenwriter, Los Angeles