The Power of Writing for Healing

It was there all along.

The story we tell ourselves, the way we remember the past—our narrative gets locked in a defined space. If it stays put, then we are safe.  

But what happens when the truth peeks out, asks to be seen? What if you aren’t all that you thought you were? What if you could see a whole other side of that story?

Years ago, I wrote novel after novel, genuinely convinced I was writing fiction. I made light efforts to get my work published but felt invaded every time I showed it to someone. When one agent wanted to completely shift the genre to something “lighter,” more “fabulous,” I took the work and ran. When someone would ask, “Are you published?” I felt like I was smacked unprovoked.

Writing became more than storytelling to me. It had this magic I couldn’t name, and I didn’t understand it. After some years passed, I took out all those old manuscripts, and after a lot of procrastination, I finally set myself to reading them. I saw myself at 20, 28, 35. I remembered what those times were like and all that had happened. Some things I saw clearly, and I realized how I had self-sabotaged. Times that I had remembered as being downright cringe-inducing now made me laugh. Good times started to crowd out the bad. One thousand pages later, and it landed in me that I was looking at the history of my own life. I was more present in the fiction than I realized.

We are all hidden in the fiction of a human story. We are given the power of words, of voice. Why not use that to gain clarity, understanding, and healing?

I’ve taken my background in the healing arts and writing to create a course that will focus this process of writing your own story. Whether you choose to use fiction for distance or to create non-fiction, you can unlock your mystery. This process holds the potential to free you from old perspectives and heal emotions attached. You’ll also see how far you’ve come. Why not give yourself this chance?

Course on The Power of Writing for Healing